When the world’s biggest Internet censorship site shuts down, India’s Twitter users rejoice

India’s biggest Twitter site is shutting down in the biggest Internet shutdown in the world.The popular Indian social networking site suspended access to more than 3,000 pages and blocked a large chunk of users and groups in the country, which has a population of over 10 million people.A group called India’s largest Twitter user group, […]

Why the South is going back to the US after decades of rule

The South is on the verge of reverting to a US-style rulebook, as its leader vows to end what he calls the “bloodbath” of corruption and the “injustice” of former President Park Geun-hye.The election was won by Park’s ruling Saenuri Party with a narrow margin of about 20.4 million votes, but Park’s government has long […]

How to read the news online: ‘I will die in despair’: Mum of girl who was gang raped in Perth

The girl who went missing from her Perth home after being gang-raped by four men at gunpoint in November was found dead in her home on Tuesday morning.The girl’s body was found by her mother at around 10am (AEDT), but police have not yet said what happened to her.Police have said she may have been […]

‘The best thing that’s happened in football since World War II’: How ayr football has changed since the end of the Cold War

The sport of football in the 21st century has changed dramatically.We are seeing a resurgence of interest and competition in the game and in the sport of rugby, the sport most associated with the Cold Warriors.It is the best thing in football that has happened in a very long time.But it also means the sport’s […]

‘This is why I’m running’: How a young woman went from being the poster child of Canadian politics to being the first Canadian woman to lead the federal election

VANCOUVER, B.C. — A young woman from Vancouver is the first woman to serve as leader of a federal election campaign and she has become a lightning rod for political and social media controversy.The woman, who was elected to Parliament in 2017, was in charge of the NDP’s campaign in B.S. in 2019 when she […]

How many Muslims are in India?

There are an estimated 40 million Muslims in India, making it one of the world’s largest Muslim communities.But the question of the number of Muslims in the country is a controversial one, with some arguing that the number is exaggerated and others arguing that it’s the correct number.The government says the census has only taken […]

How to avoid a zombie apocalypse: Get ready to have a zombie in your house

When it comes to living with a zombie outbreak, you’ll need to get used to the fact that you might not be alone.In a post on Facebook, the Georgia Department of Public Health warned of the spread of the deadly virus in the state.The state health department says the coronavirus has spread to more than […]

Trump calls for a border wall as Mexico to take ‘tremendous pressure’

President Donald Trump is calling for a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border to help stem the flow of illegal immigration and to punish the Mexican government for its actions, including the release of dozens of U.N. human rights experts last week.In his speech to a joint session of Congress on Thursday, Mr. Trump pledged to […]

How to make sure you get your free casino games online

For years, I’ve been working on my online casino game addiction.Now, with the advent of the Internet Casino Game, it’s time to start making some changes.I have to make the leap to get my games on the web.Here are some tips and tricks for getting your games online.1.Make sure you have the right browser settings.If […]