Facebook’s TIGRAI online news service launches on June 14th, with newsfeeds for all major platforms

Today marks the official launch of Facebook’s first ever TIGREI news feed, which promises to provide news for all of Facebook, with a wide range of platforms including mobile, desktop, and TV.TIGRAIN is a news feed platform for Facebook that provides news in the form of news feeds.News is divided into multiple articles, which are […]

Which cities have the highest crime rates in the United States?

NEW YORK — — Some cities with higher rates of violent crime are in the midst of an economic recovery, but some cities with the highest violent crime rates are still struggling.Here are the top 10 cities with and without homicide rates in 2017.1.Baltimore, Maryland1.Atlanta, Georgia2.Cleveland, Ohio3.Columbus, Ohio4.Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania5.New Orleans, Louisiana6.St. Louis, Missouri7.Detroit, Michigan8.Washington, D.C.9.Philadelphia, […]

When you are in love, you can’t help but cry

In a world where the internet can be found in every corner of the globe, a single article can quickly turn a person into an internet celebrity, with the help of a few clicks.It can even make someone cry.When the world of online celebrity is not dominated by a single person, there are a number […]

When the World Cup is over: Australia’s players prepare for a historic comeback

Australia’s team are set to make their final preparations for a tournament they have yet to win.The squad of five is still in flux, with players returning home to Melbourne for the final time, and the rest of the team heading into their final week in Sydney for their final training session.“It’s all about playing […]

A perfect week for Manchester United to return to the top of the Premier League table

Manchester United have returned to the Premier and the Football League top three for the second successive week with victory over Crystal Palace in the League Cup.The visitors had to wait until the final minutes of the first half to score as Luke Shaw took advantage of a sloppy Palace defence to beat David De […]