‘We’re just like a normal family’: Zodiac killer’s sister tells of his ‘love of cats’

article A woman has told of how her brother, who killed 11 people, was a devoted member of the local community.Online news magazine ‘Zodiac’ magazine is publishing a piece on the Zodiac Killer’s sister, Laura.She said she met the man, who she said was an avid cat lover, in 2009 and that he “didn’t know […]

How a man named David was a ‘tremendous success’ at the zodiac magazine

A man named “David” in the zoologd world has become a celebrity, selling thousands of copies of his online zodiac newsletter and selling out his first book signing.David, who is from the UK, has a passion for zodiacs, but has become famous for his ability to sell zodiac news stories for millions of dollars.The zodiac […]