How to read the ‘tulsi’ signs on the new Taj Mahal: Here’s how to interpret them

The Taj Mahals is a grand structure constructed by the Taj Mahas and the Taj-e-Iqbalis, two empires which ruled the world from their respective capitals.It is a symbol of unity and grandeur, of peace and harmony, and a symbol for the unity of India, a country with an indomitable spirit, a nation that is strong […]

How a man named David was a ‘tremendous success’ at the zodiac magazine

A man named “David” in the zoologd world has become a celebrity, selling thousands of copies of his online zodiac newsletter and selling out his first book signing.David, who is from the UK, has a passion for zodiacs, but has become famous for his ability to sell zodiac news stories for millions of dollars.The zodiac […]

How to make sure you don’t miss the biggest headlines from today’s headlines

The news you need to know today.Originally published October 09, 2018 07:17:34More:Associated Press writers Mike Davis in Boise, Idaho, Karen Lea in Minneapolis, North Dakota, Brian Fung in Los Angeles and Dan Merica in Boston contributed to this report.