Which cities have the highest crime rates in the United States?

NEW YORK — — Some cities with higher rates of violent crime are in the midst of an economic recovery, but some cities with the highest violent crime rates are still struggling.Here are the top 10 cities with and without homicide rates in 2017.1.Baltimore, Maryland1.Atlanta, Georgia2.Cleveland, Ohio3.Columbus, Ohio4.Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania5.New Orleans, Louisiana6.St. Louis, Missouri7.Detroit, Michigan8.Washington, D.C.9.Philadelphia, […]

‘We’re just like a normal family’: Zodiac killer’s sister tells of his ‘love of cats’

article A woman has told of how her brother, who killed 11 people, was a devoted member of the local community.Online news magazine ‘Zodiac’ magazine is publishing a piece on the Zodiac Killer’s sister, Laura.She said she met the man, who she said was an avid cat lover, in 2009 and that he “didn’t know […]

New Hampshire’s new governor says he won’t sign bill that would expand the scope of voter registration

NEW HAVEN, N.H. — New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan said Monday that she would not sign a bill that could expand the number of people who can register to vote online.The measure that would have allowed people to register online by the end of the year failed in the state’s Republican-controlled Legislature last week, but […]