How we found out that New Zealand’s oldest living man is a lesbian

When Peter Dyson died in 2015, his mother, Lisa, was overwhelmed by grief.“We just started talking to each other about how to get the best out of life, and then he died, and I felt like, well, I have to do something,” she said.“I just had a massive amount of anxiety, and at the same […]

US states considering online poker bans in light of US Supreme Court decision

NEW YORK — California and Massachusetts have both announced they would impose strict online poker regulations in response to the Supreme Court’s decision in California’s online poker case.In a statement issued Wednesday, both states said they would prohibit the operation of online poker in the state’s casinos.The states’ actions followed an earlier decision by the […]

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Posted July 19, 2018 07:02:23 There are a lot of articles out there talking about what the best sports and entertainment venues are in California.But is there one that comes out on top?Here’s what we learned from the 2018 edition of The Sport-Bible, featuring some of the best places to watch sporting events, bars and […]

How to Avoid Online Spam in Colorado

A California man has been charged with posting thousands of fake ads on Craigslist, which he claimed were offering free rides to homeless people.Police in Los Angeles charged James G. Martin with one count of solicitation for the purpose of solicitation of prostitution, which carries a maximum penalty of life in prison.The Craigslist ads, which […]

What the Government needs to know about the proposed mining tax

The Government has finally put the question to the public about whether it should introduce a mining tax to raise money for the health system.The question is: Would you rather pay more for a system that can cope with more people in hospital or less for a one-off $10 billion levy on the most affluent […]