Gambia News Online: How do you manage your website’s traffic?

Posted by The Globe and Mail Online on Thursday, June 05, 2019 13:22:33 A large number of websites are in need of a new host.For those that have already hosted content on their websites for some time, the cost of updating a website can be prohibitive.A new host costs around $300.The cost of hosting a […]

‘Paedophile’ arrested after ‘wilfully exposing’ him to online gambling

The man who allegedly exploited his position in the world of online gambling to prey on his underage peers has been arrested, Wales Online reported.The man, who is still on bail, was charged with three counts of voyeurism and one count of sexually abusing an animal, the Sunday Times reported.The 25-year-old, who has yet to […]

Which country has the most websites with the most Google News coverage?

China is home to the most search engine news websites, followed by the United States and India.China has more than 2.6 billion people and nearly 4.3 billion internet users, according to data from Google Trends.India has nearly 1.5 billion people, and over 1.4 billion internet subscribers, according Google Trends data.India has more search engine related […]