AUSTRIA’s top-earning sportsman won the World Golf Championship, and the first ever women’s event at a major in Australia.In a tie for the lead, world number one Bubba Watson led his Australian Open qualifying team to a victory over Japan’s Shigeru Matsuyama.Watson, who made the Australian Open debut in 2015, said he was delighted with […]

What is Albion Online?

Online gaming news source article Online games are the latest in a growing genre of interactive media, where you can explore the world in a new way.Online games, which include video games, are a large part of the game industry and are growing fast.Here are some of the reasons why.Gaming’s popularity has been growing […]

Why China’s Xi Jinping should be our president: Why not?

China has not held a president since Hu Jintao, who died in 2013.Its current president is the man whose name is being bandied about as a potential successor.But as Xi Jinping enters his third term, some of the questions surrounding his future leadership will linger.Is Xi really ready for the job?And what is the Chinese […]