AUSTRIA’s top-earning sportsman won the World Golf Championship, and the first ever women’s event at a major in Australia.In a tie for the lead, world number one Bubba Watson led his Australian Open qualifying team to a victory over Japan’s Shigeru Matsuyama.Watson, who made the Australian Open debut in 2015, said he was delighted with […]

‘A new kind of terrorism’ in Bangladesh: Bangladesh ‘s new breed of terrorism

KHAOSOD, Bangladesh — A new breed is emerging in Bangladesh, one that is trying to sow terror and mayhem across the country.The terror is not being waged on the streets, but in schools, where the children are indoctrinated into radical Islam and are told to fight the Bengali people for their own gains.It is a […]

How to use Windows 10’s Windows Hello feature to scan your phone for malware

Microsoft is adding a Windows Hello sensor to its latest version of Windows 10, a new feature that lets people keep tabs on their device’s health and health-related information without having to enter passwords or enter their personal data.Microsoft has been experimenting with a new version of the operating system called Windows 10 Mobile since […]