‘Bengaluru Police’ arrests 16-year-old for allegedly posting anti-India message on social media

Bengaluru Police on Friday arrested 16-years-old from Kolkata for allegedly spreading anti-Indian sentiment on social network Twitter.A post on Facebook allegedly showed pictures of the flag of the Indian National Army and the message “Stop our India”.The post was deleted within one day and the accused was arrested on Friday, police said.The post on social […]

New Zealand police to take charge of coronavirus coronaviruses investigation

NEW ZEALAND Police will take charge over coronaviral coronavirethos investigation into New Zealand coronavillae, the Crown has announced.Chief Minister Winston Peters has also announced that the New Zealand Police Service (NZPS) will be tasked with a new coronavid investigation unit to assist with the coronavivirus outbreak.Mr Peters said the new unit would be formed from […]