What’s new in Greek TV online news coverage?

The latest Greek news online:The news on Greek television has shifted in recent weeks to a more political and social focus.The TV channel, which has a reputation for breaking news and breaking stories, has been the main outlet for the Greek media for some time.But it has also started to show less political and newsy […]

How to get the highest quality online news from India online

The United States is the most popular source for global online news and information, but India is a major player in this space, according to new research.In a study published by the National Center for Digital Policy (NCDP), Indian internet users who were searching for news and news related to India online were much more […]

Former Bihar CM’s son wins BJD seat

BJP leader and former Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar’s son Ravi Kumar has won the Bihar elections from a seat vacated by his father Nitish.Ravi Kumar, who hails from Kargil, has won 32 seats in the state and defeated his father’s brother Lalu Yadav in the election for the seat of Patna, which was vacated […]

‘It’s like a war in the streets’: Residents clash with police in Kerala over missing woman

Kerala police have arrested nine people on charges of kidnapping and murder over the disappearance of a woman in the state capital Coimbatores.Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said the suspects were found hiding in a house on Friday evening, hours after she was reported missing.A police team found a body inside the house.A team of […]