Which U.S. states are most likely to see a surge in people with HIV?

Here’s a look at which states are the most likely places to see an increase in people who have HIV: *California: 7.5%*Texas: 9.3%New York: 10.2%Massachusetts: 9%Florida: 9%.Arkansas: 10%Oklahoma: 11.2%.Alaska: 11%Georgia: 11%.Idaho: 11%,Oklahoma, and Oregon each had a 10% increase in HIV cases in 2016.Hawaii had a 9% increase, Oregon had a 6% increase.*Illinois: 8%New Mexico: […]

How to buy an India passport online, via Amazon India

If you want to buy your Indian passport online from Amazon India, the process is as simple as signing up for a free account.Once you’re registered with Amazon, you can then proceed with the buying process and get your passport online.Once you’ve signed up for your account, the first step is to scan your passport, […]