US Supreme Court approves $3.8 billion abortion law

By MARK STARK, Associated Press article A federal appeals court has approved a $3 billion abortion-restrictive law that bans abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy.The 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals voted 7-2 Monday to overturn a lower court’s ruling that the law violates the Constitution’s protection of abortion rights.The U.K. Supreme Court struck down […]


AUSTRIA’s top-earning sportsman won the World Golf Championship, and the first ever women’s event at a major in Australia.In a tie for the lead, world number one Bubba Watson led his Australian Open qualifying team to a victory over Japan’s Shigeru Matsuyama.Watson, who made the Australian Open debut in 2015, said he was delighted with […]

How to get the highest quality online news from India online

The United States is the most popular source for global online news and information, but India is a major player in this space, according to new research.In a study published by the National Center for Digital Policy (NCDP), Indian internet users who were searching for news and news related to India online were much more […]

‘A new kind of terrorism’ in Bangladesh: Bangladesh ‘s new breed of terrorism

KHAOSOD, Bangladesh — A new breed is emerging in Bangladesh, one that is trying to sow terror and mayhem across the country.The terror is not being waged on the streets, but in schools, where the children are indoctrinated into radical Islam and are told to fight the Bengali people for their own gains.It is a […]

What to watch for this weekend’s games online in the NHL’s new digital platform

The NHL announced Monday that its next-generation online platform will stream video content from more than 50 teams and teams will be able to watch and watch as many games live as possible via its new platform.The platform, called NHL Live, will be available in select markets starting on Saturday, Nov. 19.It will allow fans […]

How we found out that New Zealand’s oldest living man is a lesbian

When Peter Dyson died in 2015, his mother, Lisa, was overwhelmed by grief.“We just started talking to each other about how to get the best out of life, and then he died, and I felt like, well, I have to do something,” she said.“I just had a massive amount of anxiety, and at the same […]