N.J. Mathrubhmi’s high school basketball team is named for him

N.I. Mathurhmi, a high school student from a small village in northern India, had the same name as the New Jersey Nets forward who is in the United States on an NBA scholarship.N.J.’s N.R. Mathuru, who plays for the Lecompton Academy team, received the nickname of Mathrubhi after the Indian star who won a national […]

How a man named David was a ‘tremendous success’ at the zodiac magazine

A man named “David” in the zoologd world has become a celebrity, selling thousands of copies of his online zodiac newsletter and selling out his first book signing.David, who is from the UK, has a passion for zodiacs, but has become famous for his ability to sell zodiac news stories for millions of dollars.The zodiac […]

London mayor: No plans to extend ‘crisis on wheels’ programme

London, England (Reuters) – The British government has said it will not extend the so-called “crisis” on wheels programme, a measure that has been criticized as ineffective in reducing the number of cyclists killed or seriously injured in collisions.Britain has seen more than 50,000 cyclists killed in road traffic accidents since the scheme was introduced […]

When Greek TV is on the air, there are two things you have to do to keep it alive

Greek TV was on the Air at 11:30 p.m.Eastern time on Sunday, a reminder of just how much Greek life was in flux in 2017.The news was live on the Greek television network’s website, but only in Greek.Greek TV also had the news on its website, where it offered a glimpse into the day’s events, […]

‘Paedophile’ arrested after ‘wilfully exposing’ him to online gambling

The man who allegedly exploited his position in the world of online gambling to prey on his underage peers has been arrested, Wales Online reported.The man, who is still on bail, was charged with three counts of voyeurism and one count of sexually abusing an animal, the Sunday Times reported.The 25-year-old, who has yet to […]

How to get an eagle on your phone

How to make your phone camera camera better: A new technique for using the camera to shoot video is gaining traction on the web.Eagle technology company iOptics has developed a camera that automatically tracks and records footage of animals, while the technology works with the smartphone’s camera and the smartphone camera’s flash.The company has developed […]

What the heck is a burco?

When you’re looking for a new phone, you’re likely to see a smartphone.But there’s something else that you’ll probably want to buy: a burto.It’s an ultra-mini smartphone that can fit in your pocket, but also can be used as a tablet or a smartphone, or even both.There are many different brands of burto, but there’s […]

When is the NFL going to make it illegal to post video of a football game on the internet?

It’s been a few weeks since the NFL announced it was scrapping the video on-field cameras that were part of the league’s controversial new “in-person” cameras.And it’s been nearly a month since a game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Kansas City Chiefs was streamed live online by thousands of people.So what happened?NFL commissioner Roger […]