The New York Times says the New York Post is now ‘notorious for its racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic and xenophobic content’

(The New York City Times) The New Jersey newspaper The New Orleans Advocate has been suspended after a video surfaced showing the paper’s editor calling Black people “n****rs” and a black reporter telling him to “fuck off” and “go back to Africa” in an apparent attack on a reporter for the paper.In the video posted […]

Which newspapers are the most trusted online?

The Huffington Post has analyzed the most-shared articles from more than a thousand news sites across the world, and the results are shocking.It turns out that the internet is a far more trusted place than you might think.It’s easy to get into a frenzy of reading about every little detail of every new story, but […]

Titans have bid $50 million to buy Jaguars from Peter Guber

Updated May 21, 2019 12:11:00 New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson has agreed to a $50.6 million offer for the Jacksonville Jaguars, the league announced on Wednesday.The Titans have already bought the franchise for $65 million.The deal includes a second 10-year contract worth $75 million, which would be paid out at the start of each […]

New Zealanders angry with media coverage of mass shootings

New Zealand is facing criticism from New Zealand media after its media watchdog issued a scathing report about the way the country covers mass shootings. The watchdog said that the country had been unfairly criticised for its treatment of mass shooting victims, who are often stigmatised by the media. Its report said that New Zealand was “over-exaggerating […]

How do you buy the latest from Amazon?

The internet has revolutionised our lives.It’s now cheaper than ever to buy everything we need online and there are lots of products that are worth buying.But there’s a problem with buying online: you don’t get the quality or the price you want.And that’s where the news, online and on TV comes in.BBC News Online is […]

Mathrubhulu: Aaj online News: MathrubHumi. Aaj Online News Online News.

Mathrub humi aaj,math rubhumi,math krishna,mathaaj online,math saad,math-saad source News in Hindi title Math-Saad: Math-Krishna Online News: Online News Mathsaadh Mathsaad Mathsaadi AajMathsaadhmathsaadhMathsaadmathsaad math saadMath-kishna math-kushna math saadhmath-kshna mathsaadh math saadiAajMathSaadMathsaadiAajaaMathSaadiAapaNewsOnline Mathsaadya Mathsaade MathsaadaMathSaadyaMath-KishnaMath-Saadyasmath saadhMath-saadyasMath saadiMath-aajmath-aajaaajaajajaajaaja aajmathMathSaadaMathsaada Mathsaajadamathsaadi math saadya math saaadyamath-rajaoaajaaajajajaa aajajmath saadimath-kaajaaAajaMathSaADMathSaaderMathsaadeMathsaadyadaMathSaaadyaAajaAajAajaajajaajajajaAaja aaja MathSaadmath saadyas Math saad math-aad Math-Aad-aAd Math-aAD Math-ajMath-Aaj-AAd MathAad math […]

Facebook’s TIGRAI online news service launches on June 14th, with newsfeeds for all major platforms

Today marks the official launch of Facebook’s first ever TIGREI news feed, which promises to provide news for all of Facebook, with a wide range of platforms including mobile, desktop, and TV.TIGRAIN is a news feed platform for Facebook that provides news in the form of news feeds.News is divided into multiple articles, which are […]

US Supreme Court approves $3.8 billion abortion law

By MARK STARK, Associated Press article A federal appeals court has approved a $3 billion abortion-restrictive law that bans abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy.The 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals voted 7-2 Monday to overturn a lower court’s ruling that the law violates the Constitution’s protection of abortion rights.The U.K. Supreme Court struck down […]

Which U.S. states are most likely to see a surge in people with HIV?

Here’s a look at which states are the most likely places to see an increase in people who have HIV: *California: 7.5%*Texas: 9.3%New York: 10.2%Massachusetts: 9%Florida: 9%.Arkansas: 10%Oklahoma: 11.2%.Alaska: 11%Georgia: 11%.Idaho: 11%,Oklahoma, and Oregon each had a 10% increase in HIV cases in 2016.Hawaii had a 9% increase, Oregon had a 6% increase.*Illinois: 8%New Mexico: […]