How to get the highest quality online news from India online

The United States is the most popular source for global online news and information, but India is a major player in this space, according to new research.In a study published by the National Center for Digital Policy (NCDP), Indian internet users who were searching for news and news related to India online were much more […]

‘A new kind of terrorism’ in Bangladesh: Bangladesh ‘s new breed of terrorism

KHAOSOD, Bangladesh — A new breed is emerging in Bangladesh, one that is trying to sow terror and mayhem across the country.The terror is not being waged on the streets, but in schools, where the children are indoctrinated into radical Islam and are told to fight the Bengali people for their own gains.It is a […]

A look at the burrito that won’t go away: Burger King’s new burrito online

A burrito from Burger King won’t be returning anytime soon, but that hasn’t stopped its creator from building a business around it.Burger King is now the latest restaurant company to embrace technology in its business.Last year, Chipotle announced that it was using AI to make its burgers smarter, which meant it could more efficiently make […]

How to tell the difference between a real tornado and one of fake

Today’s headlines:The weather’s been a mess for the last week, and it’s not getting better.And that’s a big reason why people are still looking for shelter in the snow.In a new CNNMoney video, Weather Underground meteorologist David Titley explains how to tell if a tornado is real or fake.(Video: CNNMoney)The latest weather reports.In the past […]

Former Bihar CM’s son wins BJD seat

BJP leader and former Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar’s son Ravi Kumar has won the Bihar elections from a seat vacated by his father Nitish.Ravi Kumar, who hails from Kargil, has won 32 seats in the state and defeated his father’s brother Lalu Yadav in the election for the seat of Patna, which was vacated […]

Bowie, the bowie of your dreams?

The internet has been buzzing about a new bowie device from Bowie that promises to improve the way we play music and can even make the experience of playing songs faster.The Bowie Q is an earpiece-like device that sits above the left ear of the player and can record a stream of audio and play […]

How to find the best gabilais in Gujarat

The best Gujarati gabillas are among the most diverse, according to a report by the Indian Association of Bicycling Associations (IASBA) and the National Indian Bicycle Association (NIBA).The report, “The Best Gujarati Bicycles for the 21st Century”, has been published by the Institute of Tropical Agriculture and Conservation (ITAC) and shows that Gujarati bikers and […]