When you are in love, you can’t help but cry

In a world where the internet can be found in every corner of the globe, a single article can quickly turn a person into an internet celebrity, with the help of a few clicks.It can even make someone cry.When the world of online celebrity is not dominated by a single person, there are a number […]

What to watch for this weekend’s games online in the NHL’s new digital platform

The NHL announced Monday that its next-generation online platform will stream video content from more than 50 teams and teams will be able to watch and watch as many games live as possible via its new platform.The platform, called NHL Live, will be available in select markets starting on Saturday, Nov. 19.It will allow fans […]

How to read the ‘tulsi’ signs on the new Taj Mahal: Here’s how to interpret them

The Taj Mahals is a grand structure constructed by the Taj Mahas and the Taj-e-Iqbalis, two empires which ruled the world from their respective capitals.It is a symbol of unity and grandeur, of peace and harmony, and a symbol for the unity of India, a country with an indomitable spirit, a nation that is strong […]

‘We’re just like a normal family’: Zodiac killer’s sister tells of his ‘love of cats’

article A woman has told of how her brother, who killed 11 people, was a devoted member of the local community.Online news magazine ‘Zodiac’ magazine is publishing a piece on the Zodiac Killer’s sister, Laura.She said she met the man, who she said was an avid cat lover, in 2009 and that he “didn’t know […]

How to get the best food in Delaware

Delaware is a big state, and so is the food scene.Here are some tips for finding the perfect Delaware dining experience.Al Jazeera America’s Dan Harter talks to Delaware’s food critic, Kate Davis, about how she got her start, the food in her backyard, and what it means to be a Delaware food critic.Aljazeera America’s The […]

Which Malayalam Online News Is The Best?

It’s a good question.The best Malayali online news site?This is the first of two posts on the topic.I’m a Malayalee, and we’re looking to learn Malayalayalam.Malayalam is spoken by over 30 million people in the country, so I’m pretty confident in my knowledge.As a foreigner in Malayala, I have a feeling of pride and I […]