When the world’s biggest Internet censorship site shuts down, India’s Twitter users rejoice

India’s biggest Twitter site is shutting down in the biggest Internet shutdown in the world.

The popular Indian social networking site suspended access to more than 3,000 pages and blocked a large chunk of users and groups in the country, which has a population of over 10 million people.

A group called India’s largest Twitter user group, @India’s largest twitter user group is calling the shutdown a victory.

The shutdown of Twitter, the world leader in online social networking, has the potential to be a big win for the country’s digital society, but some users in India say the shutdown is a bad thing.

“We are a very vocal group that’s vocal about the need to block this site, but it’s also the right thing to do,” said Sanjeev Dutta, a member of India’s online media scene.

Twitter’s social network has become a major tool in the nation’s democracy, where it has been used to organize protests and rally the country against corruption.

India’s most popular news source, news portal News24, is still accessible through the Twitter app.

India has more than 6 billion Twitter followers, and it’s widely seen as one of the worlds most influential social media platforms.

But users of the website have complained that they’ve been blocked by Twitter and other websites, and many others are still stuck on the blocked list.

Twitter says it is in the process of blocking some sites in India.

India blocked a number of major Indian media outlets on Monday, including The Times of India, News24 and the News of the World, according to Reuters news agency.

Twitter has a reputation for being a moderating platform, and the company says it works to block websites and accounts that abuse the platform.

Twitter users in the United States and other countries also said they were getting messages from users who have blocked their accounts.

Twitter is a popular source of news in India, with over 15 million users in total.

The company says its user base is diverse and its user growth continues to grow year over year.

But India’s government and Internet service providers have made it hard for people to use Twitter to access content.

Some of Indias biggest online platforms such as the Hindustan Times and the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) popular news portal, The Wire, have been shut down.