Why this GOP-controlled Congress is so bad for America

The House and Senate Republicans have made an unending series of deals to get money to fix a mess that’s hurting our country, from health care to a government shutdown to the military budget.

In their attempts to fix the mess, they’ve made it worse, with their failure to make good on their promise to repeal the ACA and to cut taxes and spending.

For the past few years, the GOP has been a party that does not care about the people of this country, or the future of this nation.

They don’t care about how much pain the country is going through.

They want to go to war.

And so they’re willing to sacrifice anything to make it happen.

Now, when the Republicans have a real opportunity to do something, they’re not going to make the effort to do it.

They’ve been unwilling to give the American people the opportunity to see what their plan is, and they’ve been reluctant to offer their constituents an opportunity to weigh in.

I’ve been watching these bills move through Congress, and the more I watch, the more it looks like they’re going to do nothing.

I just want to know if this is really a plan to help us or not.

The first piece of legislation that came to the Senate this week, the National Health Care Reform Act, would make it easier for states to pass Medicaid expansion.

That is, the bill would allow states to opt out of the ACA’s Medicaid expansion rules, allowing them to expand Medicaid and provide free or low-cost care to anyone who has health insurance.

The bill has bipartisan support, but the House has not yet passed it.

The Senate has also been willing to go along with the bill, and there is a chance that it could become law.

But, so far, there is no Republican in Congress who has stood up to the President’s call to do the right thing and protect the health of millions of Americans.

They’re willing, when they have the chance, to do whatever it takes to make sure this bill passes.

There’s a reason for this: Republicans don’t like their plan.

They know the American public hates their plan and they know the public wants their plan to go away.

And that’s why the House is trying to pass a bill that doesn’t help the American taxpayer or our country.

But they are also doing what they think is in the best interest of their donors, the lobbyists, the donors, and, of course, their base.

I’m not saying that there aren’t Republican members of Congress who are willing to listen to the American voter and to make sacrifices, but there’s no evidence that they are willing, in any way, to vote for the bill.

They are trying to keep the health care and tax cuts from going to a Democrat-controlled Senate, which is the one that is responsible for passing these bills.

This bill is a giveaway to the pharmaceutical industry.

It will give the drug industry huge tax breaks and it will allow insurance companies to charge Americans higher premiums than they already are.

These are things that we know are hurting the American economy, hurting people’s wages, and hurting people who are in this country because of the cost of prescription drugs.

So why are we willing to do that?

Why are we so eager to get rid of the Affordable Care Act?

The answer is because they are worried about losing their donors and their donors’ donors.

They have to make a living, and it is a tough business.

It is a hard, hard business to run a campaign.

The American people are going to look at this and say, “Why would you do that?”

But it’s not that simple.

If you’re a Republican, you are willing and able to sacrifice whatever you have to, and that means that you don’t want to repeal, or do anything that you think is going to hurt the American taxpayers or the American workers.

So the first piece that came out of Congress this week was a proposal to cut tax rates for the wealthiest Americans.

That’s not the way to do this.

That was the plan, which was passed by the Senate.

But the House bill was passed on a party-line vote, and then the Senate voted to go forward with the legislation.

They didn’t have a vote, so they let the House pass it.

So if they want to cut the taxes of the rich, they will get the votes.

But if they do that, they are going not to get the money.

They’ll lose their donors.

The House bill would let millionaires and billionaires take a tax deduction on their income from their investments in the healthcare industry.

That will make it so that millionaires and millionaires can get tax breaks on health insurance that they can then use to pay for the healthcare benefits they are buying.

They can’t afford to pay their healthcare premiums.

The idea is that they’re able to use their health insurance as a way to make money from a tax-free investment, but when they need health care, that money doesn’t go to the healthcare