What’s new in Greek TV online news coverage?

The latest Greek news online:The news on Greek television has shifted in recent weeks to a more political and social focus.

The TV channel, which has a reputation for breaking news and breaking stories, has been the main outlet for the Greek media for some time.

But it has also started to show less political and newsy programming.

A new focus has been placed on the economy, and on issues such as the bailout.

It has also taken a step to show more conservative content.

It has aired more traditional news shows and some of its current news programs were even cancelled when the program was not viewed well. 

But that has not always been the case.

In the past, the TV channel has also aired a number of popular TV programs. 

“We are not changing the news, but we want to make the news more consistent,” said Nikos Vardas, who heads the programming department of the Greek broadcaster.

Vardas said the TV channels new focus on economic issues will help the public understand the news.

“The public will be able to get more information about the economic situation, especially the bailout,” he said.

Varsis Vasileios, a columnist at the Athens newspaper Vathis, said it was a good move.

“It is a way to show that the news channel is not a political outlet,” Vasileos said.

“We have been showing more political programming than in the past,” he added.

Vias has also made some changes to the content it presents.

The new series, called “The News,” has featured a series of stories about topics such as austerity, Greece’s economy, the upcoming elections, the Greek government’s bailout and Greece’s upcoming debt deal.

Vasileios said the new series has also included more original programming, and that its content is more relevant to the Greek population.

“In the past it was very hard to get information from Greek TV,” Vasilis said.

“Now we are able to do that.”

He added that the new content will be more balanced and that the program will be updated to include the latest information.

In the meantime, there has been a marked shift in the news content.

In addition to the new programs, the network also has begun airing a few new TV programs on topics that have not been covered in the program.

One of the new shows is “Dont forget to fight for justice,” which has been airing on the channel since September.

The series follows the story of a man who was charged with the murder of his mother after he was caught stealing.

The man was acquitted, but the prosecutor wanted to put the case on hold.

Vardis Vasilias, the programming director of the channel, said that the series will focus on the trial and the case against the man.

“Dont Forget to Fight for Justice” is a program about the case and the trials of the three defendants.

The series is not an original program, but it is very well written and has been watched by many viewers, Vasiliis said, adding that it was one of the programs that was aired during the trial of the accused.

“I am not surprised that the network is moving in a more social direction, and this has been happening in recent years,” he continued. 

The program is being produced by a new production company, and Vardes Vasileias said that it will be aired on a new channel.

“They will air a different program every week,” he explained.

“It is being developed to be different than what we were used to.” 

The series has received support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Vartes Vasilios said that if the program receives enough support, the channel will be ready to show it to the public.