The New York Times says the New York Post is now ‘notorious for its racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic and xenophobic content’

(The New York City Times) The New Jersey newspaper The New Orleans Advocate has been suspended after a video surfaced showing the paper’s editor calling Black people “n****rs” and a black reporter telling him to “fuck off” and “go back to Africa” in an apparent attack on a reporter for the paper.

In the video posted to the site Friday, a woman says that The Advocate is a racist, misogynist, homophobic and xenophobia website, that has a “history of lying about black people and white people.”

In response, the Advocate’s editor in chief, Jonathan Weisman, tweeted that he is “disappointed” by the video and that “it’s a reflection of our editorial standards and not our core values.”

The video shows Weisman calling Black reporter John Morgan “a n****r.”

In the video, Morgan says, “You can’t write about Black people if you’re a n****ger.”

Weisman says he was referring to a recent article that described the Black Lives Matter movement as “nigger-supporting.”

The article said the group “has been working to combat police brutality and racism by using violence and direct action, while remaining true to the belief that racism and police brutality are systemic.”

He also said that “the only thing the Black Liberation Movement does is to try to change things.”

Weisman said he was upset that Morgan was referring the reporter to “n***rs.”

“You’re not a real journalist,” Morgan says.

“You’re a fucking n****rr.

You’re a racist n****re.”

In a statement posted to The Advocate’s website, the paper said the video was taken out of context and was “clearly not representative of the views of the editorial team.”

The statement also said “We apologize for any distress this has caused.”

We also wrote that “our goal is to continue to engage in robust editorial debate and debate the complex issues of race and social justice.”

The Advocate has faced scrutiny over the past few years for publishing stories on the Ku Klux Klan and for publishing a cover story about a white police officer shooting a black man.

The newspaper has been criticized for publishing controversial stories on abortion and gun control.

In January, The Advocate was criticized for posting a story about former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s “pandering” for her husband.

The paper also was criticized in July for publishing an article about the white nationalist Richard Spencer.