Actor’s mother says she’ll ‘never forgive’ husband for killing her daughter

A woman has told CNN she will never forgive her husband for murdering her daughter.

“I am not going to forgive him.

I have no empathy,” Gloria Gautier told CNN’s Chris Cuomo.

“I have no compassion for this man.

I will never forget.

I’m going to be there for him in heaven.

I am going to watch over him and do my best.”

Gautier said she did not have a motive and that her daughter, Marissa Gautiers, was not involved in any violence.

She told Cuomo that she did what she did “for my children.”

“She had no problem whatsoever with my kids,” Gautirresaid.

“She was very respectful.

She loved them very much.”

Gauber’s family said they are devastated by the death of their only daughter, whom they had known since she was a child.

Gautiers’ husband, Brandon Gautreau, is currently serving a prison sentence in Wisconsin for aggravated assault and other charges.