How to Watch India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Darshan Awards Live Online – Darshans online

LIVE  The Indian government is organising a live televised Darshani Awards ceremony for Prime Minister Narenda Modi at 11am IST, a ceremony the government says will mark the centenary of the first Darshanian and will be broadcast live online by Prime Minister Modi’s television channel.

India has become the first country to host a Darshana, the state ceremony marking a person’s coronation, in a move seen as an attempt to boost tourism and bolster economic growth.

The ceremony will be streamed live on the Prime Minister’s television channels, with an online stream also being available.

The televised event is part of a broader programme to celebrate India’s achievements in science and technology, arts, education and science and innovation.

It is the latest event to take place during Prime Minister Nehru’s five-year tenure.

“The Prime Minister has made it a mission to give the nation the best Darshanas he has to offer,” a government official said.

The government has also announced a new programme to showcase its new-found prosperity.

A state visit to China has also been planned for July 11.

The official who asked not to be identified said Modi will be in Beijing to attend the ceremony.

The prime minister will be the first foreign leader to visit China in two decades.