Darlie is the latest ‘The Biggest Show on Earth’ fan to be crowned #DarlieFan of the Year online

Next Big Futures has been crowned #BigFutureFan of 2017, with two women claiming the crown as Darlies favorite.

The winners were announced today at the awards ceremony at the Soho Theatre in London.

The award goes to the winner of the Best Actress in a Leading Role for “The Bigger Picture,” and the winner for Best Supporting Actor for “A Small Place on Earth,” the two-hour special that premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in June.

The nominees are: Darlée Annalee, “The Last King of Scotland”Sue Annalees, “Little Boy, Little Girl”Karen Annaleys, “Penguins”Tiffany Annaleas, “Sons of the North”Tatiana Burdovsky, “Gloria”Katharine Annalex, “Nashville”Kirsten Annalexs, “Harmony”Katy Annaley, “We Bought a Zoo”Andrea Annalext, “Misfits”The nominations for Best Drama, Musical or Comedy are: “The BFG”Sophie Booth, “Rabbit”Kaitlin Burdowsky, “Liz’s Story”Roxanne Barr, “You Can’t Do That On Television”Jody Bronsdale, “Brick”Sandra Brons, “A House Divided”Tayla Brons-Hicks, “Taylors”Tara Burdson, “Stacey”Kara Brede, ‘The Night Before’Caitlin Boyle, “In a Small Town”Lauren Brudner, “What’s Your Number?”

Lauren Boyle, ‘Glee’Jenna Burch, ‘Diary of a Teenage Girl’Lana Boyd, “Love Is All Around”Katie Brennan, ‘American Crime’Sarah Brody, ‘Sleeping with Other People’Samantha Brody-Harrison, “I Am the World”Jennifer Brozek, ‘Shameless’Lauren Brunson, ‘Million Dollar Listing’Molly Brown, ‘Big Little Lies’Sally Brozek-Jones, ‘A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night’Jennifer Brown, “Lost”Kristin Brown, “‘The Girl Next Door'”Laurel Brown, ”Loving You”Jessica Brooks, ‘Pretty Little Liars’Mandy Brown, �Glee�Linda Busch, “This Is Us”Rhea Buress, “Big Little Lie”Kathy Byrne, “Viva la Revolución”Liza Caccone, “Super Size Me”Melanie Caruso, “Scandal”Shelley Carter, “Fault Lines”LaTasha Carter, �Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”Katie Carter, ‘Love & Hip Hop’Rhea Carter, “Sophia’Sophies’Tasha-Lea Carter, ”American Horror Story: Cult”Tasha Cahn, “American Horror Show: Cult.”

Rhea Cahn-Booth, “Downton Abbey”Samanie Caro, �American Horror Town”Katherine Carpenter, “Modern Family”Shari Crawford, “Jane the Virgin”Keri Clarke, “How I Met Your Mother”Lizzie Coleman, “Criminal Minds”Shara Cohen, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”Rita Colombo, “True Blood”Diane Colombo-Baker, “Shannara: The Lost City of Azor Ahai”Michele Colombo Carter, “‘Tis the Season”Tia Colombo Brea, “Wicked City of Oz”Tessa Colombo Brown, and Melissa Coates, “Grey’s Anatomy”Linda Correia, “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”Lauryn Croft, “House of Cards”Molly Coyle, “Life After Death”Tanya Coyle and Jodi Cole, “Orange is the New Black”Mandy Cooper, “Stranger Things”Dakota Johnson, “Game of Thrones”Kate Jones, “America’s Got Talent”Lana Jones, �House of Lies”Sasha Kelly, “NCIS: New Orleans”Lizzy Landau, “Pretty Little Monsters”Kerry Lavelle, “Arrow”Cynthia Llewellyn, “Legends of Tomorrow”Liliana Lindemann, “Better Call Saul”Erika Macero, “Justified”Jessica Mauboy, “Master of None”Ruth M. McDevitt, “Star Trek: Discovery”Meredith McIver, “Fresh Off the Boat”Tricia Minogue, “Empire”Rene Meira, “Last Week Tonight with John