When will Modi leave office?

An online poll conducted by the newspaper Maariv and the online news site Haaretz asked readers what they would do if they found themselves with todays Prime Minister Narendra Modi in their home country.

The survey showed that only one in three of respondents (29%) would vote for Modi as his successor, while only 1% would vote against him.

The poll also revealed that two-thirds of respondents said they were satisfied with the performance of Modi’s government, while 31% said they would change their minds at any moment.

One in three respondents (31%) said that they would not be satisfied with Modi’s performance in office, while one in four said that he would be “an excellent Prime Minister”.

The poll, conducted on April 1 and 2, revealed that 52% of respondents have no faith in the Prime Minister’s ability to handle the situation in India.

Only 10% of those polled said that Modi would be able to handle India’s future and that he could lead it in a “responsible” manner.

Only 11% of the respondents said that if Modi’s mandate were to be renewed, they would vote “no” in the upcoming elections.