‘Bengaluru Police’ arrests 16-year-old for allegedly posting anti-India message on social media

Bengaluru Police on Friday arrested 16-years-old from Kolkata for allegedly spreading anti-Indian sentiment on social network Twitter.

A post on Facebook allegedly showed pictures of the flag of the Indian National Army and the message “Stop our India”.

The post was deleted within one day and the accused was arrested on Friday, police said.

The post on social networking website Facebook had said, “A post by a 16-yr-old Kolkatans.

 Bengalis need to stop Indian nationalism and support the Indian Army. 

BENGALURU: The police have arrested a 16 year old from Bengaluru for allegedly sharing a message on Twitter on Tuesday that said: “Stop India”.

The post was allegedly shared by the person who shared the post on Wednesday.

The person who posted the message, identified as Gaurav, was arrested after the post was posted on Wednesday, police added.

The post has since been deleted.

The posts were deleted on Wednesday evening.

Police said that the post is an example of the kinds of posts which could be posted in the cyber space and which could pose a threat to public order.