When the World Cup is over: Australia’s players prepare for a historic comeback

Australia’s team are set to make their final preparations for a tournament they have yet to win.

The squad of five is still in flux, with players returning home to Melbourne for the final time, and the rest of the team heading into their final week in Sydney for their final training session.

“It’s all about playing hard and having a good time,” said Andrew Symonds.

“The only thing we can do is focus on the cricket and hopefully make it to the finals.”

Symonds and his team are ready for what is likely to be the most important Test in the history of the Australian team.

“Hopefully we can get a few more runs to go and hopefully score a few hundreds.

It’s just a case of trying to get a couple more runs and maybe score some hundreds,” he said.

“You have to go through the ups and downs, but we’ve got a good squad.”

After Australia’s elimination from the last World Cup, the team has been in a bit of a state of limbo.

They have yet.

They played a Test series against New Zealand, which they lost to by four wickets in the final Test, and then came away with a one-day win against Sri Lanka.

But this time, there is little doubt about where the team will be playing, with the Australian players looking at a few weeks of rest before the tournament.

“We’ll have some time to get ourselves mentally prepared and we’ll see what the teams come with,” said Symonds, who has played for Australia at the past two World Cups.

“But we’ve played so many matches now, we know we’re capable of winning.

We’ve just got to try and keep it going.”

With the World T20 starting next month, Australia have a lot of work to do to find their place in the World.

They will start with the one-off match against South Africa on July 14, which will be played in the same city as the World Twenty20 final.

Symonds is looking forward to playing for Australia in the tournament and says he has confidence in his teammates.

“I’m really excited about playing for my country and playing in front of my family,” he told FourFour Two.

“To see them come through the World, that’s what’s going to be amazing.”

Sykes has played in three World Cups and won the World Club Championship title in 2012.

He believes the players have come together to get their A-game up.

“Everybody’s got a bit on their mind, and we all need to do a bit more to get the group back on track.

We’ll just have to focus on trying to win, and hopefully it will get us there.””

Every game is a bit different, but this one’s a little bit different.

We’ll just have to focus on trying to win, and hopefully it will get us there.”