How we found out that New Zealand’s oldest living man is a lesbian

When Peter Dyson died in 2015, his mother, Lisa, was overwhelmed by grief.

“We just started talking to each other about how to get the best out of life, and then he died, and I felt like, well, I have to do something,” she said.

“I just had a massive amount of anxiety, and at the same time I was really anxious about Peter.”

In 2016, Lisa decided to take a break from her work and look up the world’s oldest surviving person online.

“I got this email and it was like, ‘We’re looking for you,'” she said, laughing.

Lisa had no idea the online database was a treasure trove of information on people who have been in the public eye.

When she was searching, she found the first profile of Peter Denny.

Lisa had always known Peter Dison, a man who she met at a local park in the 1960s.

He would often walk into the park with a picnic basket full of food, and Lisa would often bring him a bottle of beer.

In the years since, they had become close friends.

She said the first time she met Peter Dixie was in a restaurant in the 1970s.

“And he was just such a nice guy,” she recalled.

“He’d go up and down the bar and just make out with the girls, and it just became really special to have him in the same room as me.”

So it’s just so beautiful to see him today.

“Peter Denny was born on the outskirts of Auckland in the late 1960s and moved to New Zealand with his mother at the age of five.

His father died in the war, leaving Peter with his two older sisters, Rosemary and Rosie.

After moving to Auckland, Peter moved with his sisters to Hamilton, and he spent his childhood in the local suburb of St Helens.

It was there that he met his future wife, Linda Denny, and they moved in with her mother in 1974.

The couple had their first child together in 1976, and the Denny family had three children, including Peter’s twin brother, Mark.

Peter Dison’s death has become a cause celebre in the LGBT community, with the death of an openly gay man in the US sparking a debate on the issue.

Lisa said she felt like she had to do more than just look up Peter Dully’s birth date online.”

If it was my child, I wouldn’t have been able to,” she admitted.”

That’s what I was worried about.

“Lisa has since published an online guide on how to find out the real Peter Dinsonans age.”

The first thing that I do when I get that email is I go online, and what I find is all these amazing, incredible stories of Peter’s life,” she added.

Since then, Lisa has compiled her online archive into a book called Peter Dinsons Life and Death , and she is hoping it will inspire people to get involved in the search.

There are more than 5,000 people who are now on her website, and she has found a way to bring in new people and help them find Peter Disons information.”

It just shows you that there’s something really special about people that are out there,” she told News Breakfast.”

Peter’s story is just so unique.

“Lisa said that while it was important to know Peter Dicksons age, she also hoped the online dating service would help people find people who could be a good match for them.”

This is really about helping people get out there and be open to meet people and be really open and open and honest,” she explained.”

You can find someone that you could potentially be dating, and that’s really powerful.

People don’t want to be outed as gay or straight or anything.

“Peter’s sister, Rosie, has been looking into the internet to find a match for her.”

There are a lot of websites that are not online that are really not honest, but I’ve found these very, very honest sites that have people that will meet you for coffee or something and they’re really open, and very, really kind,” she laughed.”

In some ways, it’s like going on a date and it’s not your fault, you can just do the best you can to be nice to them and not make it awkward, and not put too much pressure on them.

“Lisa hopes to bring people together in the future through her website.”

All you have to really do is find the right person, and if they want to talk about Peter Dionys life, that’s a really good way to do it.