‘We’re just like a normal family’: Zodiac killer’s sister tells of his ‘love of cats’

article A woman has told of how her brother, who killed 11 people, was a devoted member of the local community.

Online news magazine ‘Zodiac’ magazine is publishing a piece on the Zodiac Killer’s sister, Laura.

She said she met the man, who she said was an avid cat lover, in 2009 and that he “didn’t know much about cats”.

“I saw him for the first time when he was a young man in the park.

He had a dog and a cat in the car and he was the only one in the whole park.

I knew he loved animals,” she said.”

I always said, ‘I’m going to meet the man that killed the 11 people today.

I want to meet him.'”

Laura said her brother was a “lone wolf” killer who had killed more than half of the victims he targeted and was an “insane, unbalanced” person who would do anything to please others.

She told ‘Zodiac’ magazine he had “tremendous charisma” and was “a very kind, caring person” who loved cats.

“He loved cats, he loved cats everywhere.

I was surprised when I first met him,” she added.”

When I met him I was just shocked that he could do it, that he would do something like that.”

Laura’s brother was originally from South Africa and lived in Melbourne.

In January this year, he was arrested in South Africa after he tried to cross the border into Australia, leaving behind an electronic tracking device.

“That was the last thing that he wanted to do, and he did it,” Laura said.”[He was] scared that he’d be caught and he couldn’t come back.”

The magazine is also publishing a letter Laura wrote to her brother.

“You are a monster.

You are evil.

You’re a horrible person.

I love you,” she wrote.”

But I love animals too, as I did all those years ago.”