Why China’s Xi Jinping should be our president: Why not?

China has not held a president since Hu Jintao, who died in 2013.

Its current president is the man whose name is being bandied about as a potential successor.

But as Xi Jinping enters his third term, some of the questions surrounding his future leadership will linger.

Is Xi really ready for the job?

And what is the Chinese Communist Party’s plan to change the face of the world?

Here are some of these questions, according to a list of people familiar with the thinking.

Xi has a good chance to be the next leader of the Communist Party of China, and he’s been given a huge amount of latitude by the leadership to shape the course of the party and the country.

But the Chinese are a secretive people, and they have no good way to talk to outsiders about what they think.

That is why Xi has made no public comments about his plans.

In fact, Xi’s own official Xinhua News Agency has given no indication that Xi will be the candidate to lead China for another six years.

What’s more, Xi has not said how he will manage the country’s economy if he is no longer in power.

He has promised to make economic reforms, but the details are not clear, and his party has said it would not allow any such changes to take place.

In addition, there is the risk that Xi could be a bad fit with Xi’s hardline stance on human rights.