‘We are not in control’: Why the media is so fixated on the ‘Russian collusion’ story

AUSTRALIA’S most trusted media outlet has called for the resignation of Fairfax Media chief executive Andrew Stoddart over his handling of the Russia scandal.

Key points:Fairfax’s former editor-in-chief John Kelly has called on the organisation to step down after it emerged he lied about the nature of its reportingFairfax chief executive John Kelly’s decision to report the Russia story in an article was condemned by former editor Andrew Stod, who called on Mr Stoddard to resignHe told the ABC that he had been “in a state of panic” about the article’s accuracy, writing: “We are no longer in control of the story we have been reporting.”

In a letter sent to Fairfax’s board on Thursday, Mr Stod urged the newspaper’s board to consider whether it should allow Mr Kelly to continue as editor of the newspaper.

“The article you published, published today, is incorrect and misleading,” Mr Stood wrote.

“You have repeatedly failed to comply with the legal requirements of your role as the managing editor of Fairfax.”

“You appear to have done so to the detriment of the integrity of the article and its reporting, including its accuracy.”

It appears that you have made the decision not to publish a correction to the article.

“Mr Stood added that Mr Kelly’s handling of an article published in March which contained “further damaging and damaging allegations” about a Russian government influence campaign in Australia was “not a good decision”.

Mr Stoddest, a former editor of ABC News, said Fairfax’s coverage of the Russian collusion story had been too “over-the-top”.”

The story is so sensationalistic and so out of touch with reality, it’s not even newsworthy,” Mr Sstoddard said.”

If you have an article that is going to be written about something that’s happening in the world, then I don’t think you can be too much of a jerk.

“The story was also published in the lead-up to the United States presidential election, where the US election was being widely viewed as a referendum on President Donald Trump’s foreign policy.

Mr Stod also criticised Mr Kelly for having “no regard for the facts or the evidence”.”

Your behaviour is in conflict with the ethos and principles of Fairfax’s editorial independence, the principles which have made Fairfax the leading media brand in Australia for over 100 years,” he wrote.

He called on Fairfax to publish “the full facts” on the Russian story, which has led to “huge backlash from all corners of the political spectrum”.”

I understand you want to be heard, and you are keen to engage with us in a constructive and open way, but I think you should now do the right thing,” Mr Kelly wrote in his letter.”

Fairfax has the right to publish the full facts about this matter, as it has been the case for many years.