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Posted July 19, 2018 07:02:23 There are a lot of articles out there talking about what the best sports and entertainment venues are in California.

But is there one that comes out on top?

Here’s what we learned from the 2018 edition of The Sport-Bible, featuring some of the best places to watch sporting events, bars and restaurants in California and beyond.

The Sports Bible: Best sports venues in California 2018 Edition 1.

Sonoma County Sports Complex, Santa Rosa, CA (6.1 miles) A must see for sports fans in Santa Rosa County.

This is a huge complex with lots of great bars and clubs.

The complex includes two indoor swimming pools, two outdoor swimming pools and a tennis court.

It also has two basketball courts and a gym.

The facility also has an indoor and outdoor soccer and tennis courts, tennis courts with folding tables, indoor gyms, a water park, tennis nets and much more.

You can also get to watch sports at Sonoma Valley College.

It is a four-year college located in Santa Clara, about 50 minutes from downtown San Francisco.

The cost for a single semester is $2,500 per semester, which includes transportation, food, utilities, housing, and other costs.


The Great Northern Hotel & Casino, Santa Clara (4.3 miles) This is the best place to watch a football game.

There are lots of bars and lounges and plenty of TVs to watch games on.

The sports facility is also open to the public.

You’ll find plenty of televisions and cable boxes.


The California Center, San Francisco (4 miles) The state’s largest sports complex, it is located in the Mission district of San Francisco and boasts a state-of-the-art video game, arcade, movie theater, food courts, indoor and out-of, water park and an outdoor tennis court for volleyball.

It has indoor and indoor swimming pool and tennis court and indoor and outdoors swimming pool.


La Quinta Sportsplex, La Quintadero (4-5 miles) La Quintada Sportsplex has a great indoor swimming and outdoor basketball courts.

The indoor courts have folding tables.

It hosts a lot more sports events than Sonoma.

It can be booked on-site.

It’s also one of the most popular sports complexes in the Bay Area.

It seats 1,200 and features an outdoor volleyball court and basketball court.


Silverado Sportsplex and Casino, La Mesa (5 miles, 3-star rating) Silverado is the state’s premier sports complex in La Mesa, a city of 2.3 million people.

There is also a 4-story sports complex at the complex called The Sport Complex, which seats 1.5 million people and features two indoor pools and one outdoor pool.

It even has an outdoor basketball court and outdoor tennis courts.


The Grand Park, San Jose (5.5 miles or more) The Grandpark sports complex features two outdoor courts and outdoor bars.

There’s also an indoor volleyball court with folding seats.


The Big Horn, Redwood City (6 miles or longer) The Big Thunder Ranch sports complex is located just outside of Redwood, and it hosts an indoor pool and outdoor pool, plus indoor soccer and basketball courts as well as an outdoor outdoor pool and indoor tennis courts as part of its facilities.


Golden State Sports Complex (6-8 miles) Golden State’s Big Thunder Sports Complex has a beautiful indoor tennis court with an outdoor seating capacity of 1,000.


Tulum City Sports Complex and Casino (6+ miles) Located in Tulum, this sports complex hosts the world’s longest indoor soccer stadium, with a capacity of 8,000, and a huge outdoor tennis and basketball field, which has a capacity for 8,400.


Pahoa Stadium, Pahoke (8+ miles or larger) This sports complex offers a number of sports, including a swimming pool, basketball courts, an indoor tennis and indoor volleyball courts, and the Pahoe High School Gymnasium, which is located on the Paha Arena field.


Golden Gate Park, Marina del Rey (8-9 miles) Marina del Ray’s Golden Gate park offers a wide variety of amenities including an indoor soccer field and outdoor swimming pool with folding seating for up to 3,000 people.


Tampin, Tulum (8 miles or bigger) Tampino, Tumba, Tula, and Tulum have two indoor tennis venues, a swimming beach, and outdoor outdoor courts.

They also have an outdoor pool with a folding seating capacity for 1,400 people.


The Beach, San Diego (9 miles or greater) The Beach sports complex includes indoor courts, a basketball court, and an indoor water park.

It features an indoor swimming water park for toddlers,