Recode: The next big news story: What is it?

A new company is taking a unique approach to journalism: It’s actually taking the business of video to the next level.

The idea is that by combining the power of video with the technology of journalism, Recode can offer a “comprehensive and immersive online journalism experience,” as Recode editor-in-chief Kara Swisher put it, that allows readers to “uncover the full story of an event that they could never have found otherwise.”

In other words, what does this company actually offer readers?

A subscription-based platform that lets readers subscribe to a wide range of videos and then use those subscriptions to watch different videos on different platforms.

In other words: It lets readers watch videos from other websites without subscribing to them.

And it also lets subscribers watch video that isn’t being published online.

That means, for example, if you like a video from the New York Times, you can watch it from, which isn’t available on the Times’ website.

The company also lets you subscribe to video from a variety of sites and apps, including the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Times Mobile app, and the New Yorker, among others.

As part of the move, Recodes CEO and cofounder Brian Krzanich announced a new “video journalism platform” called Video News.

Recode will provide content, content, more content.

He also said that “we’re doing something that’s completely unprecedented in the industry,” in that it is a video-only subscription service.

The idea isn’t entirely new.

As we reported in May, YouTube, the video-sharing site that had long offered video-hosting services for its YouTube app, had been looking for ways to make video more accessible and to make it more attractive to users.

YouTube launched a new version of its YouTube Video app earlier this year.

But it hasn’t offered video streaming on the app itself, instead relying on third-party video providers to do so.

And that’s something that Recode isn’t doing.

The video-streaming company that got it started is the one that’s now launching its own video platform.

And Recode is joining the race.

“Recode is a company that has a strong history of innovation, that has an unmatched talent pool of writers, that is driven by an incredible editorial team, and that is going to make a significant impact in the journalism community,” Krzanith said in a video announcing the new company.

Recodes was founded in 2014 by former Microsoft executive David Loeffler, who had previously founded the blog Deadspin and the YouTube channel YouTube Red.

Recoding’s new video platform, which is free to subscribers, will also be available on a subscription basis, Krzanethi said.

The subscription-only model will also allow for advertisers to target videos to consumers in different ways, he said.

It’s a unique, unique idea.

And it will be a game-changer for the entire journalism ecosystem, he added.For more: