Delaware Online News: A story from January 2017

The Delaware Online newsroom has had an active streak of stories on gaming, gaming history and online news since 2013.

Now, it’s all on the chopping block, and the newsroom is seeking funding to continue the story.

The newsroom was founded in 2016 and is led by the veteran reporter for the Delaware Online, Jennifer Smith.

She started her career in gaming as a reporter and is now a freelance reporter and columnist.

Smith said she wants to continue her career as a gaming reporter, but wants to make sure the newsrooms coverage is “fair and balanced” and does not unfairly target gamers.

“We’re hoping that by raising money to continue this, that we can continue to be able to do a fair and balanced and well-informed story, and have our community heard, and not feel like we’re just throwing up some random pieces of news,” Smith said.

The Delaware Online has been covering games, gaming, news and gaming history for the past 15 years, and has also had a gaming section for years, Smith said, but is no longer able to keep up with all the new games coming out.

“With the rise of the internet, we’ve had to adapt our coverage, and we’ve made changes, but we’re not seeing the kind of changes we want to see,” Smith added.

“So we’re asking for help from you.

We’re asking to raise money to keep this story going.

We need your help, because we’re going to need it for the future.”

Smith said the news department has been operating without a publisher, and she said the team needs more funding to maintain its coverage and help other games come to Delaware online.

The press release for the fundraising campaign reads: “We’ve been working on a story for years.

We want to continue to do this, but need more support to keep it going.

Our community needs to be heard.

This is why we need you to help us get this story back on the road to publication.

Please help us keep this site going.”

The press conference will be held at 7 p.m. today, and you can watch the livestream here: If you have any questions about this news, you can contact Smith at [email protected]