French President Macron backs US-EU deal on Syria as he welcomes a new US president

French President Emmanuel Macron on Sunday welcomed the signing of an international agreement on Syria, saying the US-led coalition has done a great job and that a new president could be elected in the coming months.

The pact, signed in Astana, Kazakhstan, between Turkey, Iran and Russia, is the most ambitious US-Russian initiative to fight Islamic State and other extremist groups in Syria since President Donald Trump imposed new sanctions on Russia in September.

“We’re happy to see the signing.

It’s the first time the US president has been able to sign something like this,” Macron said after signing the document.”

I think the agreement is good.

It represents the best possible outcome of the process of fighting terrorism in Syria and Iraq,” Macron told reporters at the signing ceremony.

The accord includes the provision of $400 million to train and equip Syrian opposition forces, and the provision for up to 6,000 new US military advisers to help with the fight against IS.

The agreement calls for a transition period of two years, during which the Syrian army would remain in charge, while the US would be given a “responsibility” to train its partners in the Syrian opposition.

The agreement also commits the US to work with the Arab League to create a political transition in Syria.

Macron also welcomed the announcement by US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who was in Astan, that the Trump administration would send a delegation to Turkey for talks to establish a ceasefire in Syria on July 4.

The US has repeatedly denied any involvement in the conflict and has called the Syrian government a “terrorist state.”

The agreement, Macron said, was an “important step.”