How to get an eagle on your phone

How to make your phone camera camera better: A new technique for using the camera to shoot video is gaining traction on the web.

Eagle technology company iOptics has developed a camera that automatically tracks and records footage of animals, while the technology works with the smartphone’s camera and the smartphone camera’s flash.

The company has developed its technology in collaboration with the Center for Bird Studies, the Smithsonian Institution and the Cornell University Department of Ornithology.

The researchers used a smartphone to take photos of a number of different birds, then turned the photos over to iOptical.

The video captured by the technology is then analyzed for subtle changes in lighting and motion that can be used to create a better image of a bird, which is then displayed on the screen.

This new technology, called “AVIRIS,” was developed in partnership with Cornell University and the Center on Ornithological Methods, which conducts field research on bird behavior.

The team also tested it in an experiment that showed the technology to be a much more effective way of capturing footage of birds in natural environments.

While iOptonics hopes that the technology will be used in field research, the technology isn’t going to replace the smartphone as the primary camera for wildlife photography.

The company says it plans to continue to develop its technology as a way to capture bird behavior, as well as for commercial applications.