Hadiya’s family mourns death of his wife, daughter, daughter-in-law, and two brothers in Malaysia

Posted September 09, 2019 15:20:54Hadiya Sajjad, the 26-year-old who was shot dead by police in Kuala Lumpur, was a proud Pakistani-origin woman who had worked in the entertainment industry for years, his family said on Monday.

She was killed by two police officers in the city on Monday after she refused to get into the back of their patrol car to comply with a stop order, her sister, Zahra, told Reuters news agency.

Her brother, Shahza, said: “Hadiyan was a good, good person, who had everything going for her, a good education and a good job.

She loved her family.”

She worked as a singer, singer and a dancer, and her family had paid her for her work, so we all mourn her.

“The killing has drawn widespread condemnation, with some calling for the police to be held accountable.”

Hadiys family is grieving for the loss of a young woman whose life was tragically lost to the violence that exists in the Muslim world today,” Pakistan’s foreign ministry said in a statement on Monday, referring to the shooting of the student.”

The government condemns this brutal attack, and expresses its solidarity with her family.”‘

She was like my daughter’Hadiyah was the daughter of a teacher, the family said in an emotional statement posted on Facebook.”

Her family is deeply saddened and their thoughts and prayers are with her,” it said.”

We hope that the police are held accountable and that justice is done in the court of law.

“We ask the police, the Malaysian government and all political leaders to work together to stop the violence and bring the perpetrators to justice.”

“We also ask that our family is respected and that no violence be directed at any other family, especially the Pakistani community.”

The family said it was planning to hold a private funeral for Hadiyah at a location to be determined, but that it was now up to the family to decide when the time would come to hold it.

Police have been criticised for not releasing video footage of the shooting, which is still on the city’s security camera network, and for not having identified the officers involved in the shooting.

They have said that they have detained six people in connection with the incident.

Hadiy was reportedly with her brother when the shooting took place.

Her family said they were worried for her safety as they travelled to Malaysia for the funeral.

“This is her life.

We are hoping that the city police are brought to justice,” Zahra said.

The family also said that Hadiy had worked for a few years in the music industry and had been in Malaysia for a month.

“As a singer I had many songs in the past.

She worked as an actor, dancer and singer, she had all the right things going for herself,” Zahrah added.”

But the violence against us has made us feel powerless, that our daughter is not safe here.”

There is a lot of fear, a lot about how to go about it, how to live a normal life, but she was like our daughter.

She was so happy.

She did not ask for any problems or trouble.

“The father of the slain student, Nazimuddin, also expressed his condolences for his daughter’s death.”

My thoughts are with the family of the deceased.

I am saddened by the loss, I am devastated by the violence,” Nazim said in video posted on his Facebook page.”

I cannot imagine the pain of this family.

My thoughts are on their hearts and prayers.

“Police said the killing took place in Pulau Perak, a suburb in the eastern part of the city.”

One of the policemen discharged his firearm and shot Hadiiy. “

During the firing, Hadiyan and the motorcyclists companion were injured.

Police also said the three other suspects were being questioned.”

Haniyan was taken to hospital where she succumbed to her injuries,” the statement added.

Police also said the three other suspects were being questioned.

Police did not release details of the victims or the vehicle used in the killing.

Police are still investigating whether the shooting was racially motivated.