Trump vows to defend the Second Amendment, and we’re not ready to give up our rights

President Donald Trump on Wednesday called on the U.S. Supreme Court to uphold a key provision of the U,S.

Constitution that protects the right to bear arms.

Trump told the Associated Press he believes the Second, Bill of Rights protects Americans’ right to own and carry firearms.

Trump made his comments at the White House, where he and his family visited the White Capitol building to tour a new, larger building.

He said, “We’re going to fight and win the Second amendment.”

Trump, who spoke after the president’s order to temporarily ban the entry of Syrian refugees and refugees from seven Muslim-majority countries, said the court’s decision is “not about me, but about the safety of our people.

We are going to defend our constitution.”

Trump’s comments were not directly addressed by his chief of staff John Kelly, who said on Twitter that Trump’s comments “are not intended to be taken seriously.”

In his remarks to the AP, Trump said, the Supreme Court will be the “highest court in the land” when it hears oral arguments in January, but he declined to provide a specific number of court cases or their resolution.