Bollywood actor Bajrangi Bhaijaan gets arrested for cheating online cricket

An Indian actor who went on the offensive against the Indian Cricket Board (ICB) on social media has been arrested for allegedly cheating online.

Bajangi Bhayans arrest comes days after Indian cricket team’s tour of England, which was cancelled amid the ongoing cyber attack against the BCCI.

The Indian team had been invited to the UK in the wake of the attack.

Bajrangia, 33, had reportedly threatened to take legal action against the ICT board after his tweets appeared to accuse the BCCN (Indian Cricket Board) of “betraying” Indian cricket fans.

“I am against the current governance of the ICA and want to bring about change,” he said in his first post on Twitter on January 17.

“I am a member of the Bollywood community.

It is my hope that our fans will be proud of me in the coming days.

I will take the best course of action possible to ensure that no one disrespects the people of India.”

He later followed that up by writing: “In a post of a joke, I also said that they (Indian fans) are the worst of all the countries.

It was meant as a joke but the hurt and hurt feelings caused by my tweets was very real and hurtful.””

I have been subjected to cyber attack by a hacker who took advantage of my anger, frustration, and disappointment in the current administration of the BCCNA,” he added.

In his second post on January 20, he threatened to “put a bullet through the skull of a certain Indian cricket fan.”

“If you don’t stop this cyber attack, I will put a bullet in your head,” he wrote.

“They are the ones who ruined the Indian cricket season.

If I am not arrested in a day, then the entire Indian cricket nation will be disappointed.”

Bajangia has been in the news a lot in recent months after his Twitter tirade against the IBAN (Indian Broadcasting Union) for failing to allow the Indian players to visit England.

The tweet prompted a wave of criticism from the public and the Indian team’s supporters.

The BCCN, meanwhile, has responded to the latest accusations of the actor’s alleged cheating with a statement saying that “the ICA will take all appropriate action against him”.

Bajhangi Bhayanan was arrested for breaching the IT Act on January 21.